What can I cook my food on without a stove?

How can you cook food without an oven or stove?

Instead, rely on smaller appliances such as a microwave, a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a multicooker like an Instant Pot, or a blender — or just a bowl, a fridge, and a little time.

What can you eat when you don’t have a stove?

Try these five kid-pleasing meals without using your stove.

  1. Black Bean Salad. …
  2. Slow Cooker Double-Duty Roast. …
  3. Chicken Salad Sliders. …
  4. Turkey and Apple Waffle Sandwiches. …
  5. Microwave Stuffed Potatoes. …
  6. Stove-Free Recipes:

Where to cook if I don’t have a kitchen?

If you want to cook with heat (and your dorm allows it), consider getting a rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, toaster oven, or electric water kettle.

How do you cook food without an oven?

One way to bake without an oven is to use a cast iron skillet, and a gas, electric, or induction stove will do for this purpose. Cast iron skillets are popular because they are durable and literally made of solid iron. They heat your food evenly and can be used on a stove top or an oven.

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What do you do if your apartment doesn’t have a stove?

6 Ways You Can Cook in an Apartment with No Kitchen

  1. Convection oven. Options are plenty in this category, so definitely shop around for quality and price. …
  2. Induction cooktop. …
  3. Slow cooker. …
  4. Compact fridge. …
  5. Microwave. …
  6. Hot plate.

What can I eat with no appliances?

7. Stock Up on These Easy Healthy Foods

  • baby carrots.
  • cherry tomatoes.
  • celery.
  • fruit.
  • canned or pouches of tuna and spam.
  • canned soups.
  • eggs.
  • microwaveable rice pouches.

What can I cook for 1 person?

16 Amazing Cooking-for-One Recipes You’ll Thank Us For

  • The Perfect Omelet.
  • Chicken Panini With Pesto and Peppers.
  • Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas.
  • Avocado Berry Smoothie.
  • Breakfast Burrito.
  • Peanut Butter Overnight Oats.
  • The Ultimate BLT Sandwich.
  • Golden Mango Smoothie Bowl.

How do you cook without a full kitchen?

No Kitchen? No Problem! Here’s How to Cook in a Kitchen-Free Apartment

  1. Microwave Oven. Older microwaves are often limited to making popcorn, reheating leftovers, and cooking frozen foods packaged in plastic bags. …
  2. Electric Skillet. …
  3. Slow Cooker. …
  4. Convection Oven. …
  5. Instant Pot. …
  6. Induction Cooktop. …
  7. Electric Grill. …
  8. Steamers.

How can I do without a kitchen?

Some ideas might be:

  1. Roast vegetables with seasoning in a portable convection oven.
  2. Cook meat on a BBQ and combine with a fresh salad.
  3. Microwave some greens along with your roasted veggies.
  4. If time gets away from you microwave a prepackaged meal.

Can you cook in a bedroom?

A bedroom won’t have a lot of space for cooking, and in some cases, it could be dangerous to even try. But a microwave, a coffee maker, and a kettle are all useful additions that will let you make a wide range of easy-to-heat foods in your room, including noodles, steamed vegetables, canned or packet soups, etc.

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How can I bake without oven or microwave?


  1. Take a large pressure cooker and remove its rubber ring and whistle. …
  2. Next, grease a baking pan with butter and keep it aside. …
  3. Now, add vanilla essence and baking powder in the cake batter and mix again. …
  4. Now, place the pan carefully over the sea salt inside the pressure cooker and put on the lid.