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Hi, I’m Amy. At present, I live in Minnesota with my husband and scary-smart daughters. Life is good in the north country, but you should know a few of my quirks.

My least favorite question ever is, “where are you from?” I’ve lived in over 30 homes, mostly in states with big skies and easy parking. Born on an Air Force base in Oklahoma, we moved to South Dakota after I turned two. From there—Colorado, Texas, Egypt (yes, Cairo, pyramids, mosques, hookah pipes), Minnesota, North Dakota, Argentina, Maryland, Virginia, and Nebraska. Once, I was accused of not having roots. I disagree. I may not have a hometown, but my family grounds me. Seeing more of the world—fjords in Norway, pink flamingos soaring above Lake Nakuru in Kenya, the tumbling falls of Iguazu, the uniquely intense light on the Sinai—doesn’t take away the joy I feel at a street dance in small town Minnesota or celebrating fall on a hayrack ride at our church. My heart is full. Someday I hope to show my daughters some of my favorite places near and far.

My career track has not been linear. Editor of my high school’s literary magazine and known for choosing books over parties, I was as shocked as anyone that I chose to major in Biology and not English. From biologist to budget analyst and public affairs specialist to project manager, it took years for me to find my way back writing. I’ve been a copywriter since 2011 and I’m thrilled to play a role in the creative flow of marketing.

A short explanation of how I reinvented myself as a writer: I Found My Dream Job by Blogging

I love to eat, I think cooking is relaxing, and I have strong opinions about food. Read these two posts on my thoughts on food in America.

Farm to Fork: I Think Our Food Supply is Safe

Farm to Fork: Oink Outing

You’re now reading Amy On The Prairie, version 2.0. On my fourth blogiversary I took a hard look at my blog and thought, “how can I kill it?” Truthfully, I wasn’t happy with many of my early blog posts, my photography, or the simply lazy, unremarkable posts I published. I trashed the worst and decided to narrow my focus considerably. I now focus my blog entirely on curating books and cookbooks. Read how I almost killed my blog.

Request a Review

Want me to review your book or cookbook? I’ll consider almost any subject, but my favorite genres are:

Cookbooks: I love comfort food and one pot meals, health food, ethnic foods, baking, slow cooking, junior league cookbooks, and food literature.

Books: I’m a voracious, diverse reader, including: fiction, historical fiction, humor, short story, non-fiction, biography, autobiography, children’s literature and picture books, and young adult. A few notes:

  • Science fiction is usually out, but some dystopian novels are in (think The Handmaid’s Tale and Hunger Games)
  • Fantasy is almost always out, but magical realism (think anything by Isabelle Allende, most of Alice Hoffman’s novels) and some sorcery (the Harry Potter series) is most definitely in.
  • Thrillers and mysteries are not normally on my reading list, but give me a political or legal thriller and I’m all in.
  • One genre I don’t read—horror. If it bleeds, splatters, or brutalizes women and children gratuitously, I am out. Way out.

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I want to hear from you—good and bad. Conversation and debate make me happy. Compliments make my day. But, I’ll delete spam and ugly comments like personal attacks and obscenities. You understand, right?

Cover Photo Credit: The talented Lisa Cudley


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