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Patriotic Pancakes – Red, White and Blueberries

5 Jul
Want to see the festive 4th of July pancakes I made?

Red, White and Blueberry Pancakes

The batter is standard Bisquick mix with added touches of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Pancake Batter

I divided the batter into three bowls and added food coloring.

Red, White and Blue Batter

 I added the blueberries to the “white” pancakes when I flipped them on the griddle. They got a little runny and too purple, so next time I’ll keep the pancakes plain and pour the blueberries on the cooked stack of pancakes.

4th of July Pancake Fixins'

My daughters loved the red and blue pancakes, but truthfully, as an adult I feel like I’m eating Play-Doh.

Red and Blue Pancakes On the Griddle

There’s nothing that amazes my daughters more than a huge stack of pancakes and a fancy flourish of whipped cream. They were delicious and fun to eat.

4th of July Pancakes Stack

Happy Father’s Day to My Dad

19 Jun

To the man who taught me how to fish, ride a bike, throw a spiral pass and run a post pattern, drive a stick shift, check the oil and tire pressure, drive defensively, and solve math problems in my head…

Happy Father’s Day

Family - Circa 1985

To the man who taught me how to keep promises, set my goals high, and work smart, not hard…

Happy Father’s Day

To the man who taught me by example to never give up, be kind to myself and those around me, go to church and read the Bible, exercise and eat right, and laugh at the absurd…

Happy Father’s Day

Dancing with my dad

Practicing our Father-Daughter dance for the wedding

I love you!


My Baby is 3 Today – Memory Lane

1 Feb

Our oldest just turned 3. I love our funny, cute, sassy, tall, smart, kind and sweet daughter. Care to indulge me in a trip down memory lane? A few of my favorite pictures…

One day old


Give Peas a Chance? I think not.

Waiting for the Great Pumpkin


Are those cheeks for real?


Silly snow bunny

New walker


Best friends




and spice

Happy 3rd Birthday, darling! You bring us so much joy.

Life Passes in the “Wink of an Eye”

16 Jan

Yesterday was my last day as an official employee. I am now in the freelance realm. I feel great and utterly inspired. I sent a note to my colleagues and contacts with the news that I am leaving to freelance in the hopes of spending more time with my family. The responses I received were thoughtful, reassuring, and completely remarkable.

I struggled with my decision to leave for months. As a working mother, I feared that if I ever quit working I would fall off a cliff and never work again. Not only does that appear to not be the case, but the support from colleagues has been overwhelming. For every parent experiencing similar wrenching conflict between professional and personal priorities, I will share the most poignant notes.

Congratulations on your new role. Although the pay won’t be the same, I don’t think you will ever regret your choice.

Cherish the time with your daughters. I know it’s a cliché but the time with them will pass with the wink of an eye. I’m 75, so I can speak with some authority about children and grandchildren and “winks of the eye!”

Congratulations on a great decision.  My wife quit her full-time work to do the same, and I think that was the most rewarding decision she ever made.

Good luck on the career move. There is nothing wrong with spending more time with your young children. I call those years my “Golden Years” and regret not spending more time than I did. Time has a tendency to go way too fast and the next thing you know you’re looking at empty bedrooms. GREAT MOVE.

And my absolute favorite:

I made the same decision 18 years ago, and it was one of the most difficult ones I have ever had to make. I loved my position, supervisor, the work I was doing, my pay, but I knew I couldn’t manage it all. I had infant twins and my husband traveled extensively. Once I was home, I really didn’t miss work in the way I thought I would. I missed the day-to-day interaction with my co-workers, but volunteering in school and non-profit organizations filled the void. In some ways, my world expanded a bit. My friends were not defined by my workplace and I met many people who worked (or had worked) in a variety of careers. My family life was less chaotic and we were able to say “yes” to most opportunities that were available to my kids. Best wishes to you and your family. You are taking on the most important job with the right priorities. And, you can think of me on a perfect 75 degree spring day when you are in the park with your kids. I always thought I was the luckiest person alive when I was enjoying those carefree days.


Aren’t people wonderful? Isn’t the universe amazing?

To all of my colleagues near and far, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement and the chance to get to know you. I embark on my next chapter feeling very blessed.


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