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Library Love – Fun books for kids

11 Jan

I just love going to the library with the girls. Our Eden Prairie public library is tricked out for kids with a special play area and meeting room for story times. The girls play with the shapes or the toys and I browse for books to check out. One problem I have is that I don’t know many authors of kids books so it takes me forever to find books.  So, for your next trip to the library, look for these great picture books.

Bridget Fidget and the Most Perfect Pet – by Joe Berger

Bridget Fidget is spunky, precocious and adorable. The art is great and my nearly three-year-old adores this book.

Check out a longer review on this blog, Kiss the Book.

Tall by Jez Alborough – I checked this book out for our one-year-old. She loves loves loves this book. Few words, lots of pictures and all about a little monkey trying to be just a little taller in his jungle world. Adorable.

Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore

I checked the book out for my youngest, a redhead with the promise of freckles, but I also love it for me, a redhead with far too many freckles.

Not only is this a delightful book about the challenges redheads face in the world and about accepting differences, but it is now a musical!!!   A quick excerpt:

From acclaimed actress JULIANNE MOORE and award-winning illustrator LEUYEN PHAM comes a delightful story of a little girl who’s different . . .just like everybody else.

If you have freckles, you can try these things:

1) Make them go away. Unless scrubbing doesn’t work.

2) Cover them up. Unless your mom yells at you for using a marker.

3) Disappear.

Um, where’d you go? Oh, there you are.

There’s one other thing you can do:


Because after all, the things that make you different, also make you YOU!

The musical is playing in New York and I would dearly love to go. A more realistic plan might be bugging my theater friend to bring the play to Minnesota. It could happen…


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